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I am Maynerd... apparently the artist formerly known as PaperMarbleS... The reason this whole blog started up so long ago was for the PaperMarbleS project, which I never really motivated enough to actually make it come to light... Well, It's back. The First edition of the PMSProject should be ready to roll in late 2011, and there are some sweet ideas rolling for it. The content of the actual blog may shift a bit, as I won't be showing so much of the process of the art, but more of what it is that influences the end results... Also Show recaps and other random tidbits of Awesome... Heads up Stand up.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Finished work...

Finished the first of each new series... this is all you get until the rest are finished, and hanging on a wall somewhere... 
  Alfred Hitchcock.
series of four based on dead celebrities = Hitchcock, Rodney Dangerfield, Walter Matthau, and John Candy.
Watercolor, and acrylic on wood... get ready.
Gary, this is Business #1 
Based off of 1950's Business propaganda, with a pleasant zombie style skin tone twist... No one likes it when their boss blasts them with something on the spot... and no one likes zombies as boss's.  interesting.
This one still got another coat of epoxy and a bit more color within that layer, but photo's weren't happening quite right... come see it in person, or buy it and you can see what's really happening.
Kenneth: the Vegan Tennis Pro/Biker Bad Ass/Sensitive Guy
This is Kenneth.  the title says it all.  He's a tennis pro who once trained with Andre Agassi back when he had long hair... Not one to abandon where he came from like Agassi, Kenneth has been growing his magical rainbow beard since their last match together when Kenneth beat Agassi - but soon after, Andre went on to claim all the fame... besides all that tennis debauchery, Kenneth is one Bad Ass dude.  On the weekends when he's not busy with the tennis thing, and not having affairs with all the country club ladies, you'll find him out riding his "Hog" (it's actually a Triumph T140 Bonneville built as a chopper, not a Harley...)  on the open road is the only other thing that wins Kenneth's heart... although he's not your average Biker dude, as Kenneth is a Vegan, so no leather chaps or vest on this beast... Just the open road, a pack of tennis balls, a bad ass sweatband, and his open toed hippy sandles... 

Hope that's enough for you... This series will all be about those Gnarly bikers that you see, and always wonder what their like when their not all leathered and flamed up... what lies beneath all that effort?

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