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I am Maynerd... apparently the artist formerly known as PaperMarbleS... The reason this whole blog started up so long ago was for the PaperMarbleS project, which I never really motivated enough to actually make it come to light... Well, It's back. The First edition of the PMSProject should be ready to roll in late 2011, and there are some sweet ideas rolling for it. The content of the actual blog may shift a bit, as I won't be showing so much of the process of the art, but more of what it is that influences the end results... Also Show recaps and other random tidbits of Awesome... Heads up Stand up.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

long time...

so i've been meaning to update this thing... I have been working. A LOT lately. things are crazy, but i've finished my most favorite, most personal piece i've ever done... It says a lot about where my head is at right now...
"Based on actual events, A Portrait of Mistakes... Get a Grip..."
16x26 wood panel/watercolor paper
Acrylic, Aerosol, Watercolor, Pencil, and about 90 ounces of epoxy in 5 different layers.
This piece is crazy if i can say that about my own work.
I'll be showing this at Upper Playground Seattle in October for the 'Feast or Famine' show... It'll be cheap, because as much as I love this thing, I hate it at the same time.

Otherwise, I've got some things in the works for October... stay tuned. I WILL update this...

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