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I am Maynerd... apparently the artist formerly known as PaperMarbleS... The reason this whole blog started up so long ago was for the PaperMarbleS project, which I never really motivated enough to actually make it come to light... Well, It's back. The First edition of the PMSProject should be ready to roll in late 2011, and there are some sweet ideas rolling for it. The content of the actual blog may shift a bit, as I won't be showing so much of the process of the art, but more of what it is that influences the end results... Also Show recaps and other random tidbits of Awesome... Heads up Stand up.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Getting there...

I was too tired last night to enter anything... But it was a good little session... I Started the base coat and pondered the concept of yet another close to finishing the bird cut out dealy, and made some progress on another. 

Here's a look at all the collective works of this series...all in progress in some form or another.  Take note of the High Life, PBR, and Red Bull in the background...the 3 essential things to a productive night...  maybe.  ?

Birds...lots of them...not done, but getting close.  I like this one.

This is the newest little addition...  Only in the first step and still needs a lot of work, but i have some good ideas on how this one will turn out.  sorry for the bad pic, but there's not much to show off right now anyways.

I'm the most sketched out about this one out of all the pieces i'm working on...  It just isn't seeming to come together, but i can't get myself to scrap what i've started and go back to the beginning...  sometimes, pieces like these turn out the best since your always trying to make it better; But, sometimes you wish you would've burned it from the beginning - we'll see how this one ends up.

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mammothsurfer said...

Hot Pink is the new purple get with times Beer belly Bruce Willis!